Giving Back
to the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility

Century Bulk Carriers Management Co. is committed to protect the local communities and actively takes steps to support them.

Century Bulk Carriers Management Co. is committed to respect Human Rights and will NOT directly or indirectly violate them in any Country.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Our Human Relations Department, in cooperation with other company’s departments is responsible to:

  • investigate fairly, in confidence and without prejudice, any human relations matter in cooperation with involved parties
  • provide guidance and assistance to help resolve human related problems
  • arrange meeting upon request with any employee who requires counseling for stress at home or at work, family or relationship problems, harassment or bullying at work, depression and any other issues
  • deal with, proactively and promptly, to any untoward behavior of bullying or harassment observed

We always act in:

  • Good faith and without discrimination
  • Confidentiality
  • Fairness
  • Courtesy and respect

We are committed to ensure:

  • There is a fair, open and non-discriminatory working environment
  • That recruitment, selection, pay, training and development are managed in a positive, non-discriminatory way.

Human Relations Department works preventively to avoid any type of Harassment

We are constantly seeking to resolve grievances fairly and speedily by:

  • Informal discussions The Human Relations Director will invite the employee to attend a meeting to discuss the grievance as soon as possible
  • On board and On Shore investigation & interviews before any disciplinary action is taken, the Human Relations Director will normally carry out an investigation which will include hearing meetings with relevant parties in order to establish the facts and ensure that a comprehensive investigation has taken place