Marine & Technical

At the heart of Century’s activities

The bulk carrier Marine and Technical Team is at the heart of Century’s activities and it is through them that the Company achieves the most efficient trading of the ships around the world.

Our experienced marine and technical superintendents provide full support to the ships’ masters in the planning and execution of voyages.

Century maintains all the vessels under its management to the highest possible technical standards, thus ensuring maximum reliability and safety and the optimum performance from ships, machinery & equipment to minimize damages, stoppages and down time.

Continuous high standard maintenance

Continuous high standard maintenance of the vessels and their machinery ensures reliable and high performance services.

Reliable and economical operation

Century’s teams of technical marine professionals, both university graduates as well as certified seagoing captains & engineers, closely monitor the efficient operation and performance of propulsion, auxiliary machinery and mooring equipment ensuring reliable and economical operation.

Performance and condition monitoring of ship’s machinery is achieved both remotely by use of state of the art computer systems and software as well as by frequent on-board visits and inspections performed by our technical and marine superintendents.