Employing more than 700 high-skilled seafarers

The Human Resources department of Century is responsible for the selection and recruitment of medically fit, qualified, trained, competent seagoing personnel, in accordance with International & Flag State regulations, as well as Company’s requirements.

The Human Resources team ensures that the fleet is manned with highly skilled and experienced seagoing personnel over and above of the international minimum safe manning requirements. Our company has over 700 seamen in its pool with seafarers of Greek, Filipino, Ukrainian and Romanian nationality.

Seafarers’ recruitment is conducted through a detailed selection process and their development & familiarization is achieved through an extensive induction program.

Our company also offers various shore-based career opportunities having employed over 20 well-trained and highly motivated individuals in the Office, who benefit from personal development plan and ongoing training programs.

Insurance Benefits

For all Filipino crew with sea service of 3 years and more on board Century fleet, our company offers full health insurance scheme to them and all their family members.