Our value to society

Sustainability and ESG reporting

Over the years, we are committed to a policy of providing the finest operations and offering safe and reliable services. We uphold sustainability and go all out to take the necessary steps to improve our methods and strategy.

In 2021, Century Bulk Carriers Management Co issued the first Value2Society (V2S) ESG report, communicating the value Century creates for all stakeholders utilizing the 6 capital stocks:
Natural, Human, Intellectual, Social, Manufactured & Financial Capital.

The V2S analysis is comprised of three strands

  • quantifying and valuing the impact of our direct operations
  • indirect-upstream ‘supply chain’
  • indirect-downstream ‘transported commodities’

This report presents our approach to understanding and tracking sustainability, the associated ESG considerations, and our necessary process for providing a more expansive and informative view on our business performance.

Our aim is to go beyond the more typical Sustainability and ESG reports by trying to integrate Sustainability and ESG performance with financial performance.

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Century receives the Bronze “Social Award”