Ship-specific on board training

Ship-specific on board training for our crew members is carried out to enhance our safety culture, improving seafarers’ skills and competence.

Customized training seminars

Rank-specific, customized, training seminars are provided to officers and crew members in our Maritime Training Room, organized by our HSQE Department, including participation of leading IACS Classification Societies and manufacturers in an effort to improve our seafarers’ skills by enhancing their competence and level of knowledge.

Continuous performance monitoring

Systematic external and in-house training of all our seafarers, with continuous performance monitoring and appraisal, as well as career development within the company, starting from  cadets’ recruitment promoting them up to senior officer ranks, help us to achieve high retention rates amongst our officers and ratings.

Century employs seagoing officers of Greek, Ukrainian and Filipino nationality directly from our Piraeus office and our strategic partners in Odessa, Costanza and Manilla.